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Transform your body

to vibrate on the cellular level from love, bliss, joy, pleasure, happiness, and abundance, attracting more of these things into your life 

Breathing Practices

for life


for emotional release and self de-armouring

Generating energy

sexual, creative, healing and spiritual energy

Polarity Work

learn to use both your masculine and feminine energies

Shadow Work

work on your dark side

Energy Work

learn to cultivate life force energy

Kundalini Energy

work with Kundalini for awakening and healing

Multi-Orgasmic Body

build your multi-orgasmic

What is Kundalini Bodywork?

Kundalini Bodywork online is the Foundation course for the School of Energetic Bodywork, and serves as the prerequisite for most other courses.

It’s suitable for all people from all walks of life, who wish to make a positive change within themselves and in the world.

We start by clearing old traumas stored in the body, clearing the pathway of Kundalini, before learning to sublimate and transmute different energies. A mental framework for integrative therapy and self-development is also used to heal and intergrate the masculine and feminine polarites within. Although not directly yoga, some yogic techniques are used along with others related to Taoism, Tantra, and a range of other healing modalities. Kundalini Bodywork is designed to help you on a journey of self realisation with each persons final practice, and awakening being unique. Different certificates for practitioners are available through the School of Energetic Bodywork.

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To learn more about Elliott Saxby, founder of the School, visit his website

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